A Big Halloween “Thank You” From “The Committee”


To the Editor: 

The year 2020 will be known for many things by all of us.  One big change was the ways that Halloween was celebrated.  Many people worked to have a safe Halloween celebration for the children and families of our town.  One feature was the distribution of Halloween goodie bags at the Legion Hall parking lot.  For some this was an opportunity to show off their costumes and pick-up some candy and treats to enjoy in the next few days.  For some, it was the start of trick-or-treating done in family groups in homes around their neighborhoods. 

The Halloween bag distribution could not have happened without the efforts of many people.  Thanks to Cheryl Marshall and Heather DePriest at the Park and Recreation department for handling the sign-ups, the American Legion Post # 113 for the use of their facility for the drive through passing out of the bags, the crew at 4 Beach for the large donation of candy for the bags, Lt Jim Doucette, FF Nate Campbell and FF Bill Kenyon for assembling the bags and the following people who worked to set-up the process and hand out the bags while being safe; Muffin Driscoll, Chief Todd Fitzgerald and his wife Ruth, Lt. Mark McCoy, Lt. Jim Doucette and Marjorie Gove. Nice job by all to make the holiday a little brighter for many. 

Tom Kehoe 

Manchester Halloween Committee 

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