A Big 2021 Thank You From North Shore Horticultural Society


To the Editor,

This is the special time of the year when we give thanks and express hope for the future.  It seems appropriate, then, to mention some noteworthy events that happened with North Shore Horticultural Society (NSHS) this past year.

One event was a series of happy ones – this year’s Members Garden Tours.  These tours have been favorites on our annual schedule for years and have always been a special day for each one of us as we become a welcomed guest of another member.  

This year was a bit different.  Instead of a single day being set aside for visits, the idea was to have interested hosts decide what would be their own preferred date to have us all over.  Invitations were sent out to everyone in NSHS with the host’s address and other information.  

It worked out great!  We had 11 gardens to visit over eight different days, from early May through late July.  It was wonderful to have so many opportunities to be outside enjoying what others have offered to share.  We plan on using the same scheduling format next year.

Below are the names—in calendar order—of those who invited us to tour their gardens this year: 

Sandra Stolle, Wenham

Joan & Pete Johnson, Beverly Farms

Dot Sieradzki, Manchester

Carol Batdorf, Magnolia

Betsy & Michael Habich, Beverly Farms

Ruth & Norm Weeks, Beverly Farms

Sue Anne Willis, Manchester

Sue Trent, Hamilton

Michele Siraco, Beverly Farms

Peter & Alice Bradford, Magnolia

Liz Loomis, Manchester

NSHS was pleased to provide financial support to Beverly Farms Gardens, the volunteer effort led by John Fallon that sustains the vegetable gardens in front of St. Margaret’s Church on Hale Street.  And particular appreciation is extended to those NSHS folks who worked with John in the gardens this year.  We’re sure to miss listing someone, but special mention goes out to Ted Snyder, Anita Brewer-Siljehol (and her friend Marilyn), Joan Johnson, Ruth Weeks and anyone else we may be missing here.  John is so grateful for their work in helping to put thousands of pounds of fresh organic vegetables on the tables of those experiencing food insecurity.

NSHS was pleased to again provide a scholarship to North Shore Community College to assist a student of their choice who is majoring in horticultural or environmental studies.  We believe that this act is in keeping with one of the essential missions of NSHS: to share information.  The scholarship is another way to broaden this purpose by providing support to someone in the springtime of their career.  Perhaps one day this person might even visit us to present new information we need to hear!  

And NSHS was so very pleased to again participate with Children’s Friend and Family Services of Salem in their annual holiday gift drive.  Our members’ contributions were both generous and outstanding!  Our involvement with CFFS began several years ago following the passing of Alice Salter, a longtime member.  A force of nature, her spirit lives on through our contributions in assisting the clients of CFFS in discovering the means to achieve understanding, resolve and self-improvement. 

It is entirely due to the support of you, our members, that the above items were made possible.  

We look forward to when we can all get back together again safely.  We hope that time comes soon.  You’ll be the first to know when it does!

Norm Weeks

for NSHS

norm weeks, north shore horticultural society