2020: See Ya!


Each year at this time, we republish snippets of the year’s events that have made their way onto the pages of our weekly newspaper.  This is Part II of our “Year in Review,” timed for the New Year.  This photograph was taken last week by Ricky Wilson of a harbor seal frolicking on a rock in Kettle Cove, off Black Beach in Manchester.  When it comes to 2020, the seal seems to sum up local public sentiment perfectly, waving the year away.  The ultimate dis.

For 133 years, The Cricket has provided a weekly look at developments of interest in our own back yard, celebrating the activities of a community, its town operations and its citizens.  There have been wonderful events and milestones celebrated this year.  Many have been challenging and Important, and some have been sad.  We’ve done them all together, even at a safe distance.

So here’s to 2021.  We will continue to try to make this paper — in everything we do, on the page or off — a little better every week.  That is the always our goal.  And as always, we thank our readers and contributors for making our newspaper engaging and vital, and our advertisers, for their continued support.

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