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Last spring, Essex Shellfish Constable Billy Novack presented a creative idea to the Board of Selectmen that he recommended: to install up to 60,000 baby oysters in the waters of Essex as part of an environmental project that works to turn oyster beds into sea cleaning engines.  That time has come, and Novack said plans will move ahead sometime next month. 

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At the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce quarterly Manchester division Zoom meeting Wednesday morning, local business owners and town officials looked ahead to the "holidays" with a new eye for working together creatively to keep seasonal traditions alive with a balanced hand on public safety and supporting local retailers and restaurants. 

The Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea Council on Aging is now accepting applications from seniors interested in participating in the Senior Tax Work Off Program.  This program allows a senior to work up to 125 hours for the town between October 2020 and May 2021 to receive up to a $1,500 credit on their property taxes.   

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You don’t have to live in Manchester long, or walk up Beach Street to Singing Beach, before discovering the yellow shack called “Captain Dusty’s.” Before it became home to some of the best ice cream on the Northshore, it was a renowned seafood shop whose proprietor, Bruce Leseine, became known as Captain Dusty. 

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