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Charlotte Lawrence

Health Ambassador for Manchester Essex Regional High School

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Welcome Dr. Gardner, please tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Beverly but lived in Boston after college for many years.  When it was time for the kids to go to school we moved back to the North Shore to Manchester where we have been very happy.  During my free time, I enjoy boating, lobstering, going to the beach and coaching my kids' sports teams.  I am the Scientific Director of the Molecular Enzymology Research Division at New England Biolabs (NEB) in Ipswich.  I also enjoy helping to teach the New England Biolabs Molecular Biology Summer Workshop where people come to learn for two weeks.

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Can you tell me about your work at Boston Children's Hospital?

I really do love my job as an oral maxillofacial surgeon. When people think of oral maxillofacial surgeons, they think of dentists and yes, while we have a dental degree, the practice is about more than teeth. It's jaws, function, joints, aesthetics. In this speciality, I perform surgery and technical procedures and I see a range of problems, from routine to very complex. My patients are of all ages, which means very different types of emotional and physical development. A toddler is a very different patient than a preteen, who is very different from a teenager, who's very different from an adult. 

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Charlotte Lawrence spoke with Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Department physician and local resident, Dr. Kimo Takayesu, about how COVID-19 has changed ER care, antibiotic resistance and how real life as an ER doctor compares to how it is depicted on television.

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