We're Calling this "It Must Have Been a Great Time!"

When they say, “a good time was had by all,” this is what “they” were talking about. Many wrote in with the correct answers.  First, it's Grace Hall and Ed Corley, two beloved locals (she a longtime bank manager and he a police dispatcher).  This is early 1980s, and this party at the Legion was celebrating Ed Corley's retirement (thank you, former Police Chief Ronald Ramos).  Clearly Ed was a popular figure, but he's infamous for being the one-man-army force behind the successful (and at the time, highly controversial) drive to change the name of Manchester to its current, "Manchester-by-the-Sea". Unbelievably, we received IDs from two folks for the fuzzy lady to the left, Mary Mahoney. Finally, background photog is our own Dick Towle (he Id'd himself).