A Marble Palace Fit For A Coolidge

The image in our puzzler from the Manchester Historical Museum shows what is left today of the foundation of the “Marble Palace,” a built in 1902 and designed by famed architects McKim, Meade and White on property owned by Thomas Jefferson Coolidge, great-great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson.  When T. Jefferson Coolidge the elder moved his mansion to higher ground, his son T. Jefferson Coolidge Jr., had the Marble Palace built in a year.  The property, now overseen by the Trustees of Reservation, is known as the Coolidge Point Reservation.  The Ocean Lawn sweeps down to the ocean and is open to the public.  In 1958, T. Jefferson Coolidge III demolished the Marble Palace and built a more modest home on the property.  Eventually Coolidge descendants donated closed to 60 acres of the property to the Trustees of Reservations and Historic New England.  T. Jefferson Coolidge was quite a benefactor to the town and had the public library built, again designed by McKim, he played a significant role to bringing electricity to Manchester and among other endeavors was a founding member of the Essex County Club.  The electric company building still stands on Electric Light Hill, Summer Street.