Once off shore, a wide range of local, state and federal players come into play—from public safety, recreational boating, shell fishing and commercial fishing, construction and civil engineering.    


Harbormaster Bion Pike is the local marine enforcement agent for the town and Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection Agency (“DEP”) for mooring management. Mass. Environmental Policy Act Office (“MEPA”) and Coastal Zone Management, which implements the state’s coastal program under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act also have roles in waterfront project permitting.  Federally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”) manages one boat in Manchester to manage federal fisheries permits and the protection of marine mammals and endangered species in fishing zones.  The ConCom coordinates with DEP for protection of marine resource, like marine plants.

Public Safety

The Harbormaster oversees public safety on the water, and partners with Manchester Police Dept. that runs a marine duty schedule for officers.  MBTS Fire Dept. EMTs serve as marine emergency responders.  US Coast Guard is the lead agency for boat incidents and is called in when necessary.

Commercial Fishing

The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries manages licensing for the state’s commercial and recreational saltwater fisheries and oversees other services that support the marine environment and fishing communities.  Harbormaster’s office is the local agent for commercial fishing infrastructure.  MBTS Shellfish Warden is Jim Elder, who is working toward the reopening of Manchester shellfish beds.

Civil Engineering

Includes construction or dredging within Manchester harbor.  Local moorings management is Harbormaster Bion Pike, and if mooring fields are constructed the ConCom and US Army Corps (ACOE) gets involved.  Dredging always involves the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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