New Business Opens In Ipswich


Spring has sprung in our town of Ipswich, and as the flowers  bloom and the smells of nature surrounds us, we welcome the change of the season with new growth and possibilities. Apothecary Suil Crow takes the love of Mother Nature and its infinite blessing of natural and healing qualities to a higher level of understanding. Rebeccah Pearson a resident of Ipswich has begun to pass on her love and knowledge of plants and herbs, offering information on natural remedies, descriptions on plants and herbs natural benefits and opening the eyes of the surrounding areas to a twist of magic.


Raised on the shores of  Manchester By The Sea Massachusetts, Rebeccah from a young age learned about flowers and herbs from her father who was a horticulturist. Her love of naturally grown items continued throughout her life and now has evolved into Suil Crow. " To me it's not just about the buds and herbs and the properties each item has, but the folklore of the past that has intrigued me as well, " says  Pearson " history itself, holds such amazing insight on how we used grown items to heal and comfort and offerings to deities many years ago." On Suil Crows website you will find a list of pants, herbs, flowers and more with healing assets and spiritual meanings, recipes for homemade teas, myths and legends, and essential oils made by hand.


" Flowers hold endless possibilities in our area, one of my personal favorites are Dandelions. From a healing standpoint they can reduce inflammation and cholesterol as well as helping with inflammation and assist with a healthier liver, extra bonus they can also help with weight loss and after this past year we all seem to have a bit more weight on us. But spiritually they help with awakening your physic awareness and will help you connect to having more eventful dreams. The use of Dandelions for medical and spiritual has dated back for hundreds of years. "


With recent events with the pandemic this past year, holistic approaches to health are on the rise. Natural remedies of the past and present are coming together once again. "Ginger can help sooth menstrual cramps reducing inflation , and help with morning sickness, Figs can help manage digestion issues and promote health skin, and Bay Leaves help with migraine headaches, just to name a few," Pearson says. For more information on Apothecary Suil Crow please visit Rebeccah online where you can also contact her with any questions you may have.  " I love what I offer to those looking for a more natural lifestyle, and bringing out the inner witch in all of us." - Apothecary Suil Crow -