Vote Jonathan Ring for Registry of Deeds in November


To the Editor,
I am writing to announce my candidacy for the open seat of office of Register of Deeds, Massachusetts Essex County Southern district, for this November’s election. Your home is your most valuable asset.  I am running because I want your deed and hard-earned assets to be secure and for you to receive the best customer and recording service in Massachusetts. With my executive experience as a former Housing Authority Commissioner, management and customer service experience for a UPS franchise and other retail outlets, my background on the Rockport Historical Commission, and my involvement in the community, I feel I am
uniquely qualified to meet the customer service demands of Registry users, homeowners, and taxpayers in the Essex County Southern District.  And as a lifelong resident in the North Shore and son of a Portuguese immigrant with a close-knit family in the Portuguese community, I am also deeply committed to supporting property rights in our immigrant communities because homeownership as a cornerstone of the American Dream is something we all aspire to!
With the growing threat of title fraud, “squatting,” and other violations of property rights, record management security at the Registry of Deeds is of the utmost importance in protecting the rights of homeowners, renters, and business owners. Former Register of Deeds John O’Brien worked diligently to enhance your title security, and as your next Register of Deeds, I hope to build on John O’Brien's legacy by doing the following:
· Work with town and city Boards of Assessors to promote the Property Fraud Watch Program and the Homestead Protection Act.
· Audit the Registry to assess needed improvements in technology, online security, and the Property Fraud Watch Program.
· Promote seminars that educate citizens on property rights and homeownership.
As a Housing Authority Commissioner and chair, I managed a board that oversaw a $3 million state and federal-supported housing complex in my community. During that time, I managed the hiring process of the agency’s executive director, made our finances more transparent to the public, supported tenant inclusion on the Housing Authority board, and secured town approval for a CPC grant for the Housing Authority. I have a record of results for the community, and I hope to bring this wealth of experience to the management of the Registry of Deeds.
Once again, thank you for your consideration. Please check out my website at to learn more and please vote for Jonathan Ring for Register of Deeds on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024, and during early voting.

Jonathan Ring, Rockport