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Perhaps you have noticed the dashed lines that appeared last summer on School Street between Central Street and Lincoln Avenue; they were hard to miss.  They arrived overnight.  Wandering.  Errant.  Totally out of order.  They zigged and zagged somewhere near the center of the road where they, presumably, were to have been exactly and tidily placed.

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This is the story of Abigail Hooper Trask, Manchester’s Boss lady.  A commanding pioneer who defied gender roles and rules of law to become a titan of local industry, Abigail Trask empowered other women to be self-sufficient through education, activism, financial savvy and marital control, nearly a half-century before the women’s rights movement began.

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The Town is studying the potential for creating a mixed-use neighborhood in the Limited Commercial District (LCD) on upper School Street north of Route 128. Please help us understand your priorities for the area by completing a survey.