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After the recent movie 'Fantastic Fungi' came out on Netflix and received much critical acclaim, my friend Eugenia Bone, the leading lady from the film, set up a blog inviting amateur mycologists and myco-chefs from across the country to submit their favorite recipes.  Once she saw that many of the recipes were the kinds of dishes that mycologists, and many published chefs, regularly cooked for themselves at home on a regular basis, the idea for this cookbook emerged: The Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook'.  I was fortunate enough to have a couple of my recipes selected for the book including one on the back cover which I am excited to share with you now.

If you visit The Bookshop of Beverly Farms, which I highly recommend you do, there is something especially enchanting waiting on a little stack of shelves just before the register to your right. Here you will find a small collection of books wrapped in brown paper, and yes, tied up with string.