Couch To 5K Racers “Race” To The Finish

This from Manchester Department of Parks & Recreation director Cheryl Marshall, who reported in that six women competed last week in the “Couch to 5K Program” (say that five times fast) with the Parks & Recreational Department.  The idea of this particular race is this: participants started on the couch in September, and completed their 5K this past Sunday.  The program ran at Masconomo Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm.  Participants also did one day on their own during the weekends. Pictured here with their finisher shirts are left to right: Eileen Suhrhoff, Coach (Cheryl) Marshall, Kate Ryan, Connie McNulty, Jennifer Cochand, Susan Caruso and Cynthia Franklin. Marshall said Parks and Rec plans to run this program again in the spring.