It happens every spring.  They spawn in the freshwater estuaries of Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, and the Hudson River and then migrate north to Cape Ann waters and beyond.  The “schoolies” begin arriving in May followed by the bigger fish in June.  By late September the pattern reverses as they head south to over-winter in warmer waters.  

Maybe you’ve seen our “Keep Calm and Shipoopi” sign downtown. It was hung as encouragement for all who have participated in a  The Music Man production- from acting to attending- but especially for our cast and crew of last summer. In May of 2019 the youth in our program showed up for a production they knew very little about. A younger than usual cast, they were called to step into roles that were more challenging than they expected. They embraced the challenge and gave their all through the hottest days of June and July.

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On Monday, May 25 there will be a Memorial Day Ceremony in Manchester, but not a parade.  The ceremony will begin at 10 am at the Amaral Bailey American Legion on Church Street, behind Town Hall.  The Legion building will NOT be open to the public.  No food will be served.  

Lately Kris Straub has found herself photographing the contents of the little silver compost bin which sits on our kitchen countertop that contains the elements that will bring her "black gold" ... as in compost.  

What could be better than a win-win situation?  How about a win-win-win?  

Beren Schmidt and Drew Cressey, sophomores at MERSD, wanted to do their part to support the work of our local hospital and decided to make it a triple effort - support a local, family business, earn money for Beverly Hospital, and brighten up their neighbors' days with cheerful pansy blooms.  

This Sunday marks the very first gift-giving holiday since sheltering at home began, and local retailers have pulled together with a lot of creativity that will surely ensure local mothers feel the love from those who love them.

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We planned this, our second edition of “Postcards Home last year when Manchester residents Chris and Jenn Ware told us they were heading out in their Deerfoot 2-62 on a grand trip to sail around the world.  Well, we said, would they be interested in writing home about their journey? When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, we immediately thought of Chris and Jenn.  How were they?  Where were they?  Has the spread of the virus impacting their trip?  Well, Jenn and Chris have replied....

LOBSTER COVE, 7:30 a.m.  After a two-day pummeling of cold rain—and, at one point over the weekend, even a quick brush of snow!—the skies seemed okay to head out for a walk.  Early seemed good, with social distancing and all.  Again, at Lobster Cove, which typically is not a common walking r…

With beaches, parks and many reservations closed for the time being, we still have a need to be outside, enjoying nature during this season.  Manchester’s Open Space and Recreation Committee reminds you that there are many trails in beautiful early-spring woodlands still open to the public if one observes social distancing recommendations.

Alexis Harwood, the woman behind Helen’s Bottle Shop on School Street in Manchester, put a lot of care into curating a space that feels this way.  It’s not to make you buy wine, writes Kris McGinn Straub.  Not at all.  She is far more concerned with your experience.  And it’s an experience whether you just drink one of the wines she has selected and delivered to you, or if you peek into the store when we’re all done sheltering in our respective places.  

A reader recently sent in the following shot of a “bulletin board” to encourage their local Friend Street neighborhood in Manchester during this time of social distancing.  The particular neighbor who sent this in isn’t sick with COVID-19, but does have a serious medical condition and shared…

Manchester-Essex Regional High School Junior Sylvie Oldeman has not let this time of social distancing keep her down.  Last week she organized a virtual talent show for our community in support of efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is planned for Saturday, April 18th on YouTube.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives, including, sadly, our ability to worship in public. Each of our churches has suspended worship services for the time being, even as we hope and pray that the current public health crisis will be contained reasonably soon.

We are now working to re-set our plans for the next two to three months due to the coronavirus public health emergency that we are living with.  Here are some of the details. 

The new reality right now is a lot of time at home.  Jen Coles, professional home designer and mother of four who lives in Manchester-by-the-Sea, writes that this new home-based reality can be an opportunity.  Just break it down and take it step-by-step.  (And there are cupcakes involved.)