Three weeks ago, the Manchester Essex Conservation Trust made the decision to keep our trail system open to visitors during the COVID19 shutdown, on the idea that it is important for people to get outdoors and stay connected with nature.  We have since had large numbers of visitors, and while most have remained well behaved visitors observing the social distancing protocols, this "success" has raised some public concern about the risk of exposure and gotten us thinking again about our COVID response writes in MECT President Mike Dyer.

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The communities of Cape Ann have faced many challenges throughout the years, but nothing could prepare us for the disruption, uncertainties and health risks presented by the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, writes  Tony Sapienza, president of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce in his letter to the editor.

In a letter to us, Marie Noelle wrote in to thank us for Kris McGinn Straub's article "Goodbye David Andrews" and sent in a great photo of David in Bruce Fortier's vintage truck.  

I am writing to suggest that the BOS currently has a unique opportunity to engage its citizens in a dialogue-this opportunity is centered around the coronavirus and its impact on the Annual Town Meeting.

We write to thank Dr. Deborah Bradley, Chair of Manchester’s Board of Health, for her excellent primer on COVID-19 in last week’s issue of the Cricket.  In this challenging time, we are fortunate to have the benefit of her experience, careful research and advice about the disease.  

This letter to the Editor is from the new minister at Manchester's First Parish Church, who writes, "To College Students, High School Students and Youth Wherever You Are".  It's a letter to youth in light of COVID-19.

We are now working to re-set our plans for the next two to three months due to the coronavirus public health emergency that we are living with.  Here are some of the details. 

Manchester's Sheila Hill writes to support the idea of a six-month moratorium on the Town of Manchester seeking state grant funding.

At a time when so much seems up in the air, and we find ourselves cocerned about family, friends and neighbors, it is only natural to think of ways to support each other and our community.  One of the things that makes Manchester so special is our local businesses who now are confronted with a loss of revenue for weeks or months.  How can we support those who provide services for us, at a time when we need to distance ourselves socially? 

I am writing to you and your fellow Board members as I would like to offer a correction/clarification to your comments concerning a portion of the recent (3/3) BOS meeting and to set the record straight.

To the Editor: At Monday's BOS meeting (2/2/20,) I had requested that the following be read into the record, regarding expenditures to widen the Beach St. sidewalk, and add bump outs to the Washington/Sea St. intersection.

The Essex Historical barn has been saved! It has served the community well since the late 1700s as a salt hay barn and as a residence for the prominent American architect, Eleanor Raymond, will continue to be useful, like an old reliable friend. Bravo!  Thank you donors one and all.