To the Editor and local community, 

Thank you to Cheryl of Parks and Recreation for sending D.P.W. to pick up seaweed from Tuck’s Point.  It was a tough year and when I called, Frank, Mark, and Dewey came to answer my cries for help.  Love you!  A big thanks to Roger who bought me a new rake, which I badly needed.  Hugs & kisses to you.  To Elizabeth and the kids, thanks for my Golden Pitch Fork Award!  And thanks for all the kind words on Facebook.  To all the kids who asked “is it safe to jump?”, I love all of you.  Hats off to the Yacht Club for a busy year and always wiping down the boats!  To all my friends in our bubble, I can’t wait until next year when we can sit closer and hug!  Until we meet again. 



Mayor of Tuck’s 


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