Monday, June 8

8:56 a.m.  Hickory Hill Rd., fire alarm activation, accidental, smoke from cooking.

10:05 a.m.  Summer St., broken leg, on beach, transport to hospital.

4:10 p.m.  Beach St., party taking down signs, logged.

5:07 p.m.  Beach St., encounter with angry female party, logged as matter of record.

Tuesday, June 9

11:47 a.m.  Ashland Ave., illegally parked vehicles, moved.

12:17 p.m.  School St., raccoon living in garage, Animal Control Officer notified.

2:01 p.m.  Route 128SB, golf clubs in the travel lane, moved, MASS DOT notified.

4:36 p.m.  School St., strong chemical outside odor. 

Wednesday, June 10

9:56 a.m.  Sea St., unemployment fraud, referred to Department of Unemployment.

10:54 a.m.  Rosedale Ave., low hanging wire, already aware, Version contacted.

3:21 p.m.  Bridge St., sign stolen from yard.

6:13 p.m.  Proctor St., sinkhole in road.

Thursday, June 11

1:21 a.m.  Forest St., check on motor vehicle, all clear.

2:01 p.m.  Beach St., stolen flag, report taken.

3:33 p.m.  Magnolia Ave., medication overdose, transport to hospital.

Friday, June 12

9:05 a.m.  Raymond St., wildlife issue, Animal Control Officer notified.

10:55 a.m.  Sea St., parking on sidewalk, vehicle moved.

11:48 a.m.  Pleasant St., man taking signs, verbal warning.

2:50 p.m.  Summer St., two car motor vehicle accident, report taken.

4:16 p.m.  Beach St., assist with peaceful protest, Masconomo Park to Town Hall. 

Saturday, June 13

10:20 a.m.  Proctor St., loud construction noise, yard work, no excessive noise.

10:31 a.m.  Beach St., park and walk ½ hour, all in order Singing Beach.

1:19 p.m.  Beach St., park and walk downtown, all in order.

4:16 p.m.  Boardman Ave., argument between neighbors, peace restored.

8:51 p.m.  School St., chest pain, transport to hospital.

9:56 p.m.  The Plains St., lifeline activation, fall, transport to hospital.

Sunday, June 14

8:43 a.m.  Central St., found dog, returned to owner.

4:11 p.m.  Central St., vehicle with two flat tires, AAA called.

4:27 p.m.  Central St., found purse, logged.

5:18 p.m.  Beach St., boat within the swimming area, Harbormaster notified.

5:46 p.m.  Morse Court, high blood pressure, transport to hospital.

Note: These logs contain information from both the Manchester Police Department and the Manchester Fire Department. Any calls that are made to 911 or 1212 lines are logged into the MPD's records management system. ~Editor