Members of the Manchester Elder Brethren gather for a formal portrait shot by Stephen Gersch of the Essex Photographic Workshop at the group’s 100th anniversary picnic at Tuck’s Point in 1978. Here is our “best effort” identification of those in the photo. Any additions, corrections or adjustments? Email us at  And enjoy!

Be part of Manchester’s oldest and longest-meeting organization, the Elder Brethren. Enjoy friendship and a beautiful day at one of Manchester’s most iconic sites, the Tuck’s Point Chowder House -- which exists because of this storied organization. 

On September 7, Manchester’s Elder Brethren will assemble at Tuck’s Point Chowder House for its 142nd annual picnic.  It’s an appropriate spot, considering members of the organization created Manchester’s seaside park to benefit town residents in 1878 and the public has enjoyed this stunning place ever since. This article originally ran in The Manchester Cricket in July 1978 when the fraternal organization celebrated its 100th anniversary.