The Crow

A birds eye view of the crow

Photo: Tom Swinnen

Tweetings, fellow birders!  Thanks for flying in to read this column.  

This week I'd like to discuss a very interesting neighbor which you might take for granted, that being our old pal and farmer's favorite, the Crow.  While you may not realize it, they are intelligent, intriguing and downright clever, and really deserve an honorable mention here.  So put those spooky scarecrows back in the barn and let's have a glimpse at this gallant and gifted gawker!

A crow

Crow in the garden

Photo: U Andrabi

Vincent Spada is a North Shore-based writer and lifelong avid birder. He is also the author of three books, as well as a plethora of poems and short stories. Reach him with questions or ideas for his column at