Aberdeen Pensioners

Portrait of couple of two old pensioners holding together numbers of 2023 at home. Close up of new year numbers, celebrating and goals for new life concept.

Well, to start… let’s consider the news.

It’s jarring on a good day. The worry of “what’s next” can be crippling, but as a news junkie, it’s hard to stay away. I gauge how much I hold my breath during the news, and that’s my signal that my limit has been reached. The adage, “you are what you eat,” certainly is true, but it’s also what we watch, hear, and read. In essence, we become the company we keep.

Joanne MacInnis, RN, is the founder and president of Aberdeen Home Care, Inc., of Danvers, a concierge private duty home care agency in business since 2001. With 35 years of nursing practice, management and administration experience focused on home care and hospice, Joanne and her team specialize in advising and supporting families addressing the elders in their lives retain dignity and quality of life.